Brief Introduction of Quality Bus & Coach (M) Sdn Bhd

Quality Bus & Coach (M) Sdn Bhd (QBC), a subsidiary of Advance Synergy Berhad Group, a Bursa Malaysia main board listed company is a registered & licensed bus body builder with The Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ), MITI and Road Vehicle System (RVCS) Australia.

In 2011 and 2012, QBC was approved by Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi Dan Kepengunaan (Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism, Malaysia) for QBC to use the "Made in Malaysia" logo on three chassis models, designed and manufactured by QBC.

QBC is also a reqistered supplier on Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia's (Ministry of Finance, Malaysia) panel of suppliers.

It started its operation in 2003 in a purpose built production facility in Shah Alam with a production capacity of about 100buses and bus chassis.

QBC builds bus bodies on a range of customer supplied chassis e.g. Scania, MAN, Mercedes, Hino, Nissan, Isuzu and others.

Apart from that, QBC has its own bus chassis with either steel or aluminum body, with a brand name of
AUTOBUS , wholly manufactured in our factory in Shah Alam.

Our bus range includes Midi bus, School / Charter bus, Low Floor and Standard City bus, High Decker/Double Decker to suit different customer requirements from school, mining, route and charter operations including options to suit disabled passenger accessibility.  

In Malaysia, the JPJ follows standards under Road Transport Act 1987 and Road Transport Rules which has already implemented 54 UN / ECE regulations which are currently being reviewed and upgraded to WP29 with includes the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) with 24 new UN / ECE Regulations to be enforced effective 1st January 2015. However QBC builds buses, coaches and chassis based on the Australian Design Regulations (ADR)
for the Australian export market and follows all the standards and regulations enforced by JPJ for the local market. The ADR is a higher standard than the UN / ECE standards enforced in Malaysia.

For your information, VTA is a homologation process to confirm the production sample of a vehicle design to comply with specified standards / regulations before a vehicle registration is allowed in Malaysia.

Vehicle Type Approval = Component Type Approval + General Requirements

For more information go to the following website containing a Power Point Presentation by the Ministry of Transport Malaysia on VTA:

QBC obtained it's own VTA from JPJ for the AUTOBUS brand Low Floor City Bus way back in 2009 and VTA for a KING LONG bus (ckd bus chassis) assembled by QBC. In addition, QBC has VTA for the Australia Low Floor and the Coach Chassis and many more.

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